Oplaadpnt: natuur - verbinding - beweging - verbeelding

'A platform where different roads come together'
'A place for orientation and discovery'



"Charging point arose out of a need to connect. Connecting people with people, with nature, with movement, with imagination in order to ultimately connect with yourself. We believe this interaction is the basis of energy."

Our mission

Oplaadpnt organizes social and sustainable projects in collaboration with various experts that work directly and/or indirectly on charging and discharging your energy. In this way we want people to discover and experience different approaches in order to find out where you can get energy from.


Needs are personal and changeable. Some get energy from a walk in nature, others need an activity with more adrenaline to get away from it all. Some blossom completely when they can express their emotions or their view of the world in a painting, sculpture, dance, text, photo,... and still others enjoy guided forms of relaxation to come back to themselves.

At Oplaadpunt you can discover and experience different approaches under the same roof. We try to bring tension and relaxation together in a creative way, in a professional and safe environment.

Who knows, you might discover new angles that help you relax and that you want to delve into further. Or you may find that rather a combination of certain activities feels right for you right now. You may even discover things you never thought of yourself…

Oplaadpunt accompanies you on this journey of discovery and gets you moving. We take you on a journey along different paths so that you and your own accumulated energy can live a self-sufficient life.



It is important that in your personal search you can first discover and experience different things. That way you can first orientate yourself before you take a road. We often think that something suits us, because it is more in our comfort zone. And it is precisely what lies just outside, from which we will get the most energy. Through our tastings and projects, we are going to discover this gray zone a bit more. We look for the balance between tension and relaxation and this as much as possible in nature. This is where the most energy can be extracted. We work within 3 domains.

Body & Mind

Nature & Sports

Art & Creation



A combination of short introductions

A tasting is meant to taste a particular method. Sometimes 2 activities can be combined. For example: Mountain bike & yoga / sculpture & senses walk

Duration: 2 hours to 1 day

Do you want to know more about the tastings? Feel free to search for an event that suits your preferences!


Time to deepen

In the projects, there is room for more in-depth knowledge. We work in small groups (max.10pers) and discover different charging methods. The projects are taken care of from A to Z, including tasty and healthy meals.

Duration: several days

Do you want to know more about the projects? Feel free to search for an event that suits your preferences!


By gaining research and insight into the connection between body and mind and how we react to certain situations, we can detect and redirect unconscious patterns. You will indirectly get the most energy from this. It will ensure that you can protect, track and store your energy in the long term.


In the workshops we will introduce the topics in an interactive way. By doing you will also gain insights from this.

Do you want to know more about the workshops? Feel free to search for an event that suits your preferences!



Chargingp.nt regularly invites guest speakers/coaches/organizations to come and speak about certain topics that are directly and indirectly related to stress and tension. In this way you gain insight into certain stuck patterns that cause you to block energy flow and you get tools to change this in your daily life.

Do you want to know more about the lectures? Feel free to search for an event that suits your preferences!



  • MTB tasting
    The time will be determined later
    The location will be determined later
    The time will be determined later
    The location will be determined later
    Taste the combination of an hour of mountain biking followed by a quiet yoga stretch in nature


Would you rather not have organized days, but do you want to get away from it all? Alone, with your partner, family, friends, colleagues,... We would like to welcome you to our sustainable and ecological campspace.



Ik ben Jolanda, mama van 2 prachtige dochters, vrouw van een houthandige man, gevoelsmens met creatieve uitspattingen en avonturier.  Mensen samenbrengen en in beweging zetten is voor mij iets heel natuurlijks. Het gebeurt vanzelf.  

Ik werk al jaren met kinderen, jongeren en volwassenen als coach in dans-en bewegingsexpressie in het Deeltijds Kunstonderwijs en vind het fantastisch om te zien hoe ze via de niet gesproken taal... de lichaamstaal... zich ontplooien, zich zelfzekerder voelen, zich kunnen uiten, creatiever in het leven staan, durven vallen en weer opstaan en nog zoveel meer. 
Het is mijn missie om mensen in beweging te brengen om op die manier dichter bij zichzelf te komen, te onthaasten en om ze vooral uit het hoofd te halen en in hun lichaam te zetten, dichter bij de gevoelswereld. Want soms raken we onszelf weleens kwijt door de drukte en verwachtingen, als we maar altijd de weg terug vinden. 
Hier is Oplaadpnt geboren. Een plek waar je jezelf kan en mag zijn en waar er met verschillende lokale en regionale ondernemers samengewerkt wordt om jou terug dichter bij jezelf te brengen.




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